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Discover Saigon Nightlife in 2023

There are still so many hidden gems waiting to be discovered in Saigon Nightlife. With each passing year, new bars, clubs, restaurants, and entertainment venues emerge, promising an endless array of exciting experiences. Whether you're a seasoned nightlife enthusiast or just starting out, there's always something new to explore in the bustling city of Ho Chi Minh. So, let's kick off 2023 with a bang and find out the best things to do in Saigon Nightlife!"


Khám phá địa điểm ăn chơi ở Sài Gòn về đêm 2023

Atmos Club

Club-goers will find it easy to dance the night away at almost any of Ho Chi Minh’s nightclubs, making it a must-visit destination for those seeking an unforgettable Ho Chi Minh nightlife experience. There’s virtually no such thing as “last call” at these all-night party palaces, and visitors can expect bottle service, a luxury provided by most nightclubs, pool parties, and lounges. If you haven’t been to Ho Chi Minh City before, or it’s your first time in a Vietnamese nightclub, here are a few pointers. You won’t find many clubs with large open dance floors because space is limited in this ever-growing city. If you want the insider’s scoop on the top nightclubs to party in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam Nightlife is the only place you need to know.

Khám phá địa điểm ăn chơi ở Sài Gòn về đêm 2023

Commas Saigon

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Khám phá địa điểm ăn chơi ở Sài Gòn về đêm 2023

Boujee Saigon

Ho Chi Minh is probably the place with the strongest hip hop wave in Vietnam. A dynamic city with a large concentration of young people who dare to live with passion and express their personality. Therefore, there is no shortage of places to play in Saigon for Hip-hop lovers. But if you play it right, it can only be Hip-hop clubs & bars. Saigon bar clubs always know how to catch the trend, catch the trend. Not only bringing the typical Hip-hop music, this is also the convergence of young talents such as MCs, singers, DJs, .. which are already famous in the Hip Hop community. Besides, there are extremely exciting Hip hop nights held every week. If you have considered Hip-hop as a passion, going to Hip-hop clubs & bars will bring you to "forget the way home" with people who share the same interests and soul. So, for all you hip hop followers out there, have you got the answer to the question of what to play in Saigon yet? Check out these Ho Chi Minh City bars nightlife and experience the best Hip-hop clubs in the city.

Khám phá địa điểm ăn chơi ở Sài Gòn về đêm 2023


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Khám phá địa điểm ăn chơi ở Sài Gòn về đêm 2023

Bam Bam

Introduced to Vietnam during the French colonial period, Bars gradually evolved into a 'popular' nightlife choice for the people of Saigon. Over time, Bars have diversified into various forms, including Rooftop Bars (situated atop buildings) and Cocktail & Wine Bars (specializing in cocktails and wine). Depending on their genre, Bars adopt unique and varied decorative design styles, adding vibrant colors to the overall tapestry of the nightlife scene. Customers not only relish superb cocktails and explore bars in the tourist hub of Saigon but also have the chance to delve into the history behind renowned drinks and hear the professional tales of Bartenders.

Khám phá địa điểm ăn chơi ở Sài Gòn về đêm 2023

Leon Saigon

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Khám phá địa điểm ăn chơi ở Sài Gòn về đêm 2023

Zion Sky Lounge

Do you fancy a phenomenal panoramic view from the top of the town from a sky bar? Trying out unique mixed drinks at a cocktail bar? Or perhaps chilling with music while casually enjoying high-end liquors and canapé at a mixology bar? Here is a list of all the Top Rooftop Bars in Ho Chi Minh City for the best Ho Chi Minh City nightlife experiences on earth.

Khám phá địa điểm ăn chơi ở Sài Gòn về đêm 2023

Chill Sky Bar

Click here for more trendy Rooftop Bars in Ho Chi Minh City -> 


Khám phá địa điểm ăn chơi ở Sài Gòn về đêm 2023

52/3 Dong Du

Speakeasy Bars are a unique type of Cocktail Bar that originated in the US during the 1920s when the country imposed a ban on stimulants and alcoholic beverages. Despite the ban, Americans still found cozy spaces to enjoy their favorite drinks with friends. Most of the Speakeasy Bars are cleverly "camouflaged" in the basements, behind the barbershop, or in secret attics. Guests coming to the bar must be invited, have a password and navigate through narrow alleys and stairs to enter. Although less noticeable than large nightclubs, monumental scale, Speakeasy Bars have become increasingly popular in Ho Chi Minh nightlife and create a network of hidden entertainment venues that add to the vibrant and exciting nightlife scene.

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Khám phá địa điểm ăn chơi ở Sài Gòn về đêm 2023

Dori Dori

For those looking for a unique and trendy spot to experience Ho Chi Minh City nightlife, Gastro bars are a great option. Inspired by Korean pubs, they are a combination of bar and restaurant and cater to the GenZ crowd. Gastro bars offer a dynamic and youthful atmosphere with high-quality food and drinks. The menu often includes a wide range of creative dishes and cocktails, including soju and beer. If you want to have a memorable night out in Ho Chi Minh City, visiting a gastro bar should be on your list of Ho Chi Minh City nightlife tips.

Khám phá địa điểm ăn chơi ở Sài Gòn về đêm 2023


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Khám phá địa điểm ăn chơi ở Sài Gòn về đêm 2023

East West Brewing

In parallel with the development of famous canned beer brands in the world, craft beer was born to bring new experiences to diners. Craft beer is a type of beer brewed and fermented by skilled artisans. With carefully selected natural ingredients such as barley, yeast, etc., craft beer is often brewed for a long time in limited quantities to reach the best quality. Therefore, this type of beer is not as popular as bottled beer, but only for a certain segment of the "connoisseur" of beer. As a temperate country with the largest fruit granaries in Southeast Asia, Vietnam has become a great source of creative inspiration for Beer Craft artisans. That is also the reason why many major craft beer brands have begun to appear in the Vietnamese market, creating unique places to hang out with enthusiastic reception of domestic diners as well as HCMC tourists from different countries around the world. So, if you are a beer lover and looking for a unique experience in HCMC nightlife, craft beer bars are definitely worth checking out.

Click here for more trendy Craft Beer place in Ho Chi Minh City ->


Khám phá địa điểm ăn chơi ở Sài Gòn về đêm 2023


 Lounges, although relatively new to Vietnam in recent years, have swiftly captured a significant market share within the domestic nightlife industry. The majority of lounges boast meticulously designed and carefully decorated spaces, aimed at creating impressive and unforgettable environments for patrons seeking unique and novel nighttime venues in Saigon.

Khám phá địa điểm ăn chơi ở Sài Gòn về đêm 2023


Click here for more trendy Lounge in Ho Chi Minh City ->


Khám phá địa điểm ăn chơi ở Sài Gòn về đêm 2023

Poc Poc Beer Club

Beer Club is gradually becoming a familiar concept, popular with young people in Saigon in recent years. Originating in the US with the popular Beer Club brand Vuvuzela, when imported into Vietnam, Beer Club has made significant changes to suit the tastes of the majority of domestic customers. Beer Club is an ideal nightlife venue, fully combining the two essential requirements of young people for after-school and work-time fun: "eating" and "playing". Just like the footage of friends at the table in a soju bar in Korea, the image of close friends having fun at Beer Clubs has become very familiar to Saigon people. If you're looking for a place to party in Saigon, Beer Clubs are also a great option. They often host exciting events, games, and competitions, and are perfect for celebrating special occasions with friends or coworkers. So, whether you're looking to relax after a long day at work or party the night away, Beer Clubs in Saigon are a must-visit for anyone looking for a good time.

Khám phá địa điểm ăn chơi ở Sài Gòn về đêm 2023

Kingdom Beer Club

Click here for more Beer Club in Ho Chi Minh City ->


Khám phá địa điểm ăn chơi ở Sài Gòn về đêm 2023


"Every tourist city has a Western neighborhood - where the Nightlife service industry develops the most. Coming to these busy streets, there are not only tourists but also many gourmet natives. As a nightlife city, Ho Chi Minh is also marked on the world map of Nightlife thanks to the bustling and vibrant West Bui Vien Street. If you have the opportunity to travel to Saigon at night, do not miss the interesting and entertaining activities in this neighborhood, which is a hub of Ho Chi Minh nightlife and entertainment. So, which Bars and Pubs does Bui Vien have to visit?"

Khám phá địa điểm ăn chơi ở Sài Gòn về đêm 2023

Khu 13

Click here for more Bars & Clubs in Ho Chi Minh City ->


Khám phá địa điểm ăn chơi ở Sài Gòn về đêm 2023

King Karaoke

Here are our picks for the top karaoke bars in Ho Chi Minh city, for when you feel like letting your inner diva out. They feature excellent international standard sound and light systems, posh and cozy interiors, and provide exceptional service, guaranteed to please even the most demanding guests.  Feel free to contact Vietnam Nightlife for more information. Make your favorite pick among the Top Karaoke bars right now!

Khám phá địa điểm ăn chơi ở Sài Gòn về đêm 2023

Kingdom Karaoke

Click here for more trendy Karaoke Bars in Ho Chi Minh City 


Khám phá địa điểm ăn chơi ở Sài Gòn về đêm 2023

Towa - Japanese Cuisine

The melting pot of the most delicate and high-class cuisine, Ho Chi Minh City is a food lover's paradise. Every ingredient is carefully selected to be turned into nutritious and delicious feasts. The relaxing ambiance along with impeccable foods will bring you the ultimate luxury service experience. At the Fine Dining Restaurants, you will be treasured like a royalty and all your 5 senses will be amazed. For those seeking a truly unforgettable culinary experience, the fine dining options in Ho Chi Minh nightlife are not to be missed.

Khám phá địa điểm ăn chơi ở Sài Gòn về đêm 2023

Ros - River Dining Lounge

Click here for more trendy Restaurants in Ho Chi Minh City ->


Khám phá địa điểm ăn chơi ở Sài Gòn về đêm 2023

Hummer Limousine in Vietnam Nightlife's Tour

Are you looking for a bachelor party, bachelorette party, birthday party, or after a wedding party? Vietnam Nightlife specializes in the nightlife tour, making the most out of your nightlife experience in Ho Chi Minh City. All that is left for you to do is party like an animal! We have the largest selection of activities in Ho Chi Minh Nightlife, including Ho Chi Minh Night Tours. Guaranteed to fit any budget, our activities include the best Nightclubs, Rooftop Bars, Girly Bars, Karaoke, Restaurants, Accommodations, Daytime Activities, and VIP Limos. Our goal is to make your group's experience exciting and stress-free. Book Vietnam Nightlife Tour right now for an unforgettable nightlife experience!

Click here for more Nightlife Tour in Ho Chi Minh City ->


Khám phá địa điểm ăn chơi ở Sài Gòn về đêm 2023

Bus Party in Saigon

Are you tired of the usual way of partying in Ho Chi Minh City Nightlife? Why not try a bus party! Enjoy a unique and fun experience as you party your way through the streets of Saigon on a bus with your friends. And to make it even better, some bus party organizers offer free flow drinks for the entire duration of the party. So you and your friends can enjoy your favorite drinks while cruising around the city. Plus, you get to visit some of the most iconic landmarks in Saigon along the way. It's a great way to see the city from a different perspective, have fun, and make unforgettable memories with your friends. So why wait? Book a bus party now and have a blast in Saigon!

Click here for more Bus Party in Ho Chi Minh City ->


Khám phá địa điểm ăn chơi ở Sài Gòn về đêm 2023

Yatch Party

In addition to places to hang out in Saigon nightlife on land, watching the sunset on the Saigon River or admiring the attractive fireworks on a yacht is always a unique experience, leaving many memorable memories. Holding a private party on a yacht, enjoying the view of the Saigon River will be a great idea for a luxurious and impressive party, showing the status and values ​​of the owner and guests. To ensure your party is fun and successful, you need to choose a professional, experienced and creative organizer to come up with many unique ideas. Vietnam NightLife offers yacht party packages to guests who want to organize fun parties on the Saigon River, complete with food, drinks, music, and more. With our expertise and attention to detail, you can rest assured that your party will be a night to remember.

Click here for more Yatch Party in Ho Chi Minh City ->


Khám phá địa điểm ăn chơi ở Sài Gòn về đêm 2023

Party at the Villa

Renting a pool villa for a day to host a party offers a unique and exclusive experience with a private space for you and your guests. It allows you to freely explore and express your personality, and immerse yourself in the party atmosphere. A pool villa for rent is an ideal option for those who want to have a memorable party with a touch of luxury. In Ho Chi Minh City, there are many options available for renting a pool villa. You can even organize a pool party at the villa, creating a perfect combination of a party atmosphere and the relaxing feeling of swimming in your private pool. Customers looking to rent a villa for a party in Ho Chi Minh City should definitely not ignore the suggestions below to choose the right pool villa that fits their needs, party size, and guests

Click here for more Pool Party in Ho Chi Minh City ->


The ever-growing list of diverse nightlife hotspots in Ho Chi Minh is waiting for you to conquer. Life is too short to miss out on good things. Are you willing to stay up all night to take in all the best that the city has to offer? Saigon nightlife is vibrant and full of surprises, with endless options for party-goers, foodies, and anyone looking for a good time. Vietnam Nightlife will be your guide and show you the best things to do in Ho Chi Minh Nightlife and Entertainment. Contact us right now to start a wildly amazing journey in Sai Gon!

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